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Frequently Asked Questions

PUSU skis are widely available in ski resorts around Finland and in Engelberg, Switzerland. See the current list here.
In addition to these you can test drive our skis in our own test events. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for more info!

When ordering skis, you can add your own customization in the form of laser engraving. The engraving can be text, logo or other clear-lined, monochrome image. The engraving is always done before the final varnishing, so it does not affect the durability of the surface treatment. The price includes the same engraving for both skis at the same spot. Usually we make the engraving on the ski tail. The maximum area of the engraving is approx. 15 cm x ski width. All engravings are pre-approved by the customer.

Absolutely! The PUSU gift card is guaranteed to be a favorite gift. We can ma a gift card for any sum. The gift cards are engraved on a piece of real wood veneer. So even the gift card itself is a stylish gift. Not to mention all the stories it contains! Order here

Our skis can be equipped with all sorts of alpine and telemark bindings. 2×4 insert pattern on snowboards, ‘Voile Standard’ on splitboards. Please make sure, the installation is done by a professional. Orders made from PUSU webshop can be paired with bindings or have them delivered to us from elsewhere. We will install the bindings free of charge.

100% in Jyväskylä, Finland. Come and see us if you’re close by!


Valitse oikea suksen pituus

-15, -5
-10, -5
-10, 0
-10, 0
-10, +5
-5, +5
-10, 0
-5, +5
0, +10
-10, 0
-5, +5
0, +10
-5, +5
-5, +10
0, +15
-5, +5
0, +10
+5, +15

Valitse itsellesi täydellinen pituus lisäämällä tai poistamalla omasta pituudestasi mittaa (cm) arvioimasi taitotason mukaisesti.

Suksen pituustaulukko on suuntaa antava. Suksen pituus on aina henkilökohtainen valinta, johon vaikuttaa laskutyyli, laskijan paino, yms.