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How to expand the skis’ lifetime

When regularly serviced and properly stored, the PUSU Skis can last long. Here are few tips to give you more joyous powder days.

Let the skis melt and dry after a skiing day. This way the edges won’t gather rust and keep their fit. This is also important for the bindings.

Set the skis out to cool before leaving for the slopes. This way the melting snow won’t get stuck on bases and bindings.

Wax your skis regularly. The base material is porous. An unwaxed base gathers dirt and the ski won’t slide. Tip: Optiwax Glide Tapes hold the wax on for longer and the applying is easy.

Freeride skis tend to get hit by sharp rocks. That’s all fine, but if the hit makes a puncture through the base, it should be fixed so that the moisture won’t get into the core of the ski.

Unlike many other skis,PUSU Skis’ skin is varnished, real wood. If the surface gets scraped during the season you can handle it with regular car wax. If the scrape is deep, the ski can be re-varnished.


Obviously the best off-season storage for the skis is on the mountains of northern Norway or southern hemisphere. If your not using the skis during summer, here are few tips for proper storage.

Wax the skis and leave the coating on the base.

Store the skis at rest. For example, don’t pile other items on top of skis.

Mind the temperature. Room temperature or lower is a good storing temperature for skis.


Valitse oikea suksen pituus

-15, -5
-10, -5
-10, 0
-10, 0
-10, +5
-5, +5
-10, 0
-5, +5
0, +10
-10, 0
-5, +5
0, +10
-5, +5
-5, +10
0, +15
-5, +5
0, +10
+5, +15

Valitse itsellesi täydellinen pituus lisäämällä tai poistamalla omasta pituudestasi mittaa (cm) arvioimasi taitotason mukaisesti.

Suksen pituustaulukko on suuntaa antava. Suksen pituus on aina henkilökohtainen valinta, johon vaikuttaa laskutyyli, laskijan paino, yms.