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Abisko SPINNOVA® Moomin

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Laser engraving

Finish the skis with your own laser engraving (199 €). Finish the skis with your own laser engraving (199 €). You can choose either a personalized text or upload a single-color image, for example, a logo.

(max file size 128 MB)

Please note. All top sheets are naturally unique and may differ from product images.

In the nature you’re always on nature’s terms. When well-equipped, you can accept the nature as it meets you. At times calm, other times storm.

Abisko is a versatile ski for varying and unexpected conditions. World’s first skis enforced with revolutionary SPINNOVA® fibre bring smooth and natural performance with minimal footprint.

Abisko SPINNOVA® ski is easy to turn, energetic yet refinely dampened. Research shows that the new structure dampens vibrations up to 50% compared to fibreglass. With it’s full wood core the ski remains light and easy to manoeuver. Torsional stiffness offers balanced stability and sharp, high-speed impacts that won’t unhinge the ski. Even on rough, uneven snow, the ski acts naturally and comfortably. This is the ski you can trust in any condition.

A total of 50 pairs of Moomin series skis are manufactured. Each pair is individually numbered.

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167 / 177 / 187 cm
138-109-124 mm
141-109-131 mm
145-109-135 mm


1520 g
1600 g
1700 g

Tip rocker

300 mm

Tail rocker

100 mm


17 m


1270 / 5mm
1370 / 5 mm
1470 / 5 mm




Isospeed 7200, recycled plastic


Matt varnished olive ash wood


100% locally sourced Finnish birch and aspen

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