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Our Story

The dream of making our own skis ignited in 2009. To finally have exactly what one wants. Transitioning from park skiing to off-piste, the characteristics of the equipment began to pique more interest. The basics were learned from a folk high school course and the internet. The first workshop was built in a garage in Puuppola, Jyväskylä.

The first skis were completed, and we were able to test them on the slopes near Riihivuori. Experience was gained, skis were crafted for personal use, and quality and processes improved through prototypes. Soon, others began to inquire about unique wooden skis as well. Once we got around the idea of starting production in a more professional way we also pretty soon had to get a grip of starting our own company. Puuppolan Suksi was founded in 2016 witch was followed buy the brand name acronym PuSu Skis. ’Pusu’ means kiss or smack in Finnish, so we thought who would say no to that!

A more professional workshop was gradually built in Palokka, Jyväskylä, and the growth of the hobby allowed for full-time work. The product lineup was refined and expanded. The Kelo slope ski was launched in 2019 and soon became commercially the most successful model for PUSU.

What inspires us?

Love for nature, hiking in beautiful environments, experiencing the winter wilderness, and the feeling of freedom. The opportunity to create the day just as one wants it, from big descents to fun local hills, all while maintaining respect and humility towards nature. All of this is what we aim to convey with our products as well.

At the turn of the new decade, the development cooperation with Spinnova led to the introduction of a new composite structure in 2021, first in the Abisko model and immediately after in the new all-mountain model, Loska. The innovative and ecological Loska was awarded the ISPO Award in the sports equipment category in 2022. In the same year, we moved to new premises in Vuontee, Laukaa.

Focus on quality and natural ingredients create the best and most sustainable products, both for the environment and the user.

With ski building every detail counts and the evolution is constant. Our basic principle is ultimately simple: the finest and most sustainable solutions are born from high-quality and natural ingredients, benefiting both nature and the user.



The best ingredients are chosen as materials to achieve the desired properties without compromises. The wood we use is always either locally sourced or FSC-sertified. Never clearcut. The base is made of high-quality recycled plastic, and the epoxies we use are biobased.


Depending on the model, the ski is laminated with 7-11 layers. In the press, the ski is subjected to approximately 30 tons of pressure. Individual molds are used to create the desired profile for the ski. Non-rushed pressing ensures the durability and reliability of the ski.


During the finishing pass the skis are cut and formed to their shape. The top sheet is varnished with durable and serviceable coating. The bases are grinded and waxed, edges are sharpened and angled. The bindings are installed professionally. The skis are ready to ride.

Making of

See the making of a splitboard at our workshop.


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