Our story

Why couldn’t you make your own skis? From this daring question we started in 2009. The not knowing too much is the essence of any start-up. We looked the internet and stumbled upon a course of ski building principles. This was enough for us to start building our very first workshop in Puuppola, Jyväskylä.

As this was back then purely a hobby, no one really knew what to expect. We made skis, tested them all around and wanted to make them as good as possible. But then somebody saw our work (probably in a queue for a ski lift or a cottage in Lyngen) and asked for a test run. This led to an idea to make skis to order. Once we got around the idea of starting production in a more professional way we also pretty soon had to get a grip of starting our own company. Puuppolan Suksi was founded in 2016 witch was followed buy the brand name acronym PUSU Skis. ’Pusu’ means kiss or smack in Finnish, so we thought who would say no to that!

What inspires us?

We love the nature. Touring across great mountains and hills, sensing the pure freedom, making our own markings onto the snow. We are humbled by the forces of nature and try to communicate this with our products as well.

Focus on quality and natural ingredients create the best and most sustainable products, both for the environment and the user.

Suksen tekemisessä jokainen yksityiskohta vaikuttaa, ja näitä yksityiskohtia on äärettömän paljon. Perusperiaatteet ovat lopulta yksinkertaiset: laadukkaista ja luonnonmukaisista raaka-aineista syntyy tyylikkäimmät ja kestävimmät ratkaisut, niin luonnon kuin käyttäjänkin kannalta.



For materials we choose the best ingredients to enhance wanted qualities. Core wood, fibres, epoxies, base materials, top sheets - all are chosen without compromises. The wood we use is always either locally sourced or FSC-sertified. Never clearcut.


When laminated the ski is pressed under the weight of 30 tons to bind the layers together. Individual molds are used to form the profile of the ski. Unexpedited, 24-hour press guarantees the durability and reliability of the ski.


During the finishing pass the skis are cut and formed to their shape. Pinta lakataan kestävällä ja huollettavalla mattalakalla. The bases are grinded and waxed, edges are sharpened and angled. The bindings are installed professionally. The skis are ready to ride.