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Add bindings
We'll install the bindings free of charge. Just remember to tell the boot size (mm) in the order comments.

Laser engraving
Finish the skis with your own laser engraving (199 €). Finish the skis with your own laser engraving (199 €). You can choose either a personalized text or upload a single-color image, for example, a logo.

(max file size 128 MB)

Please note. All top sheets are naturally unique and may differ from product images.

A completely renewed ski model, where the only thing old is the name. We have reinforced the ski’s features to make it a durable all-mountain ski for all kinds of ski resort slopes. The ski performs well on both the resort’s hard-packed slopes and in the mountains where you move with muscle power in slightly softer snow. Lapland is an excellent choice for freeride skiing if you want to go uphill as well. The ski is consistently and reliably designed for skiers who demand more but also want to enjoy the ease of skiing. With a waist width of 92 millimeters, the ski is agile and fast. Choose either the traditional birch or the fiery curly birch for the finish.

The most interesting feature of the ski is the asymmetrical turning radius; the ski’s tip and tail have a progressive turning radius: depending on the ski’s length, the tip turning radius is 15-17m, and the tail turning radius is 17-19m. The progressive turning radius makes the initiation of the turn efficient while allowing for a smooth and gradual release of pressure at the end of the turn.

Any questions? Just ask.

The most sustainable fibre in the world

A new, sustainable material made of wood or waste, without any harmful chemicals. 100% biodegradable. Least water used. Now first in composites.

Through the collaboration we can eliminate the use of glass or carbon fibres and keep maximising the use of natural materials.

162 / 172 / 182 cm
119-92-112 mm
121-92-114 mm
125-92-116 mm


1800 g (172)

Tip rocker

280 mm (172)

Tail rocker

150 mm (172)


15-17 m (162)
16-18 m (172)
17-19 m (182)


1290 / 4 mm (172)




Sintered Isospeed UHMW plastic (black, recycled)


matt varnished birch / curly birch


100% FSC certified ash

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