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PUSU presents

Wo ist die Pukkelpiste?

“Our idea was to make a film that gives kudos to bergfilm genre. This genre was born in the early 1900s in Germany and Austria, aimed to educate urban people about life in the mountains.

Following the traditional production methods, Wo is die Pukkelpiste was shot on film. The music has also been composed for this bespoke production. This is our interpretation about what the skiing in the fells of Northern Finland is like.”

– director Aarni Toiviainen

Ein Bergfilm aus Finland mit

Riku Laakso & Pontus Penttilä
Directed and cinematogprahy by Aarni Toiviainen
Music Eeti Nieminen
Field audio Kilian Hänninen
Color correction Teemu Lahtinen
Photography Teemu Kuisma
Graphic design Matti Kovanen
Shot on film at Pyhä Ski Resort, Finland.

Featuring PUSU skis Loska, Wanaka & Kelo.